6 Tips for the Perfect Garden Furniture Arrangement

6 Tips for the Perfect Garden Furniture Arrangement

Tired of rearranging your garden furniture over and over again? Can’t seem to get the perfect furniture arrangement

that you want no matter how hard you try? Maybe all you need is to sit down for a few minutes and read this list of garden furniture arrangement tips that I have put together for you. Make sure to read these tips before arranging your furniture again!


After you read this, take a piece of paper and a pencil and make a layout first. You don’t have to make a blueprint, just a rough draft of how you want your garden furniture to look like.  Let’s start!


Choose a Focal or Center Point

This should be the first step to take. Creating a focal point will anchor your garden space. The focal point will serve as the primary gathering area and the heart of your garden arrangement. You can just then arrange the remaining furnitureby taking into consideration that space.


Figure Out the Purpose of Your Garden Furniture

Is your furniture for relaxing and unwinding on a chill weekend, or is that space meant for a formal garden dinner with family and friends? Arranging furniture in a symmetrical way will create a space for formal living, but if you arrange them asymmetrically, that would give your garden a more relaxed, casual and a quirky feel. Decide which one you intend to create.


The Traffic Conductor Furniture Arrangement

When planning the layout of your furniture, make sure to arrange them in a way that directs the flow of traffic to ease any congestion. Try to imagine the way your guests will enter and travel through your outdoor space. Is there a clear path free from any obstruction from the entrance up to the exit? Are there any areas that will most likely be crowded? To avoid crowding, it is recommended to allow about 30 – 48 inches of spaces in areas where high traffic is most likely to happen. Your furniture should be arranged in a way that will direct your guests around the primary seating areas instead of through it.


Garden Furniture Placement

The longest piece of your furniture should be placed in a way that it is facing the focal point. This is to enhance the view of that area instead of distracting attention from it.


Make it as Cozy as Possible

Why not make you garden look and feel like you are in a resort? You can add some side table or ottomans to make it feel as comfortable as you want it to be. The additional pieces of furniture could be a spot to place drinks and snacks that you could enjoy while reading a good book or just hanging out at your garden.


Organize and Accessorize

Do not be afraid to accessorize your outdoor space! Why not put some colorful and comfortable throw pillows on the chairs or the love seat? You can also place some area rugs and add lighting. If you want to keep your outdoor space organized, you can place a storage box to keep things tidy in your garden.…